The Philosophy

We believe if you make space and time in your day to practice meditation and yoga, you will be rewarded with peace, delicious acceptance, harmony, happiness and joy.

We design products to help you create a beautiful sacred space for your daily practice that calls you back, day after day, to go deeper into your body and mind, to get grounded and get earthed.

We make this as simple, enjoyable and inviting as possible! All our products are designed to be used on the ground, and used for all levels and all styles of yoga. From supporting your body during a nurturing yin or restorative practice with bolsters, blankets and blocks to a more energetic style asana practice on the mat.

Ethical sourcing and sustainability are an integral part of who we are as a brand. We are 100% committed to making an educated change towards better practices and conditions for the industry we love so much.

Our products are as close to earth and as simple as possible. The truth is you don’t even need a mat, but in this day and age with people living such busy, distracted lives, we do need something that acts as a simple daily reminder to come back home and be Earthed.

Our connection to Earth is symbolic of our connection to our bodies; nothing is separate. The relationship you cultivate with yourself will grow with your awareness of Mother Earth, caring not only for yourself but also for the world around you.

Earthed inspires to create awareness of your inner world, while connecting you so organically to the external world around you.


The birth story 

Hi, I'm Simone Taylor - the designer, mother and creator of Earthed. 

In my early 20’s, I landed my first junior graphic design job. After years of studying and then stepping into a demanding, stressful, corporate lifestyle, I naturally searched for something to balance my energy. I found yoga, and I am eternally grateful.

I fell in love, and twelve-years later I am still in love with yoga and design.

My yoga journey took me to India, to explore the origins of this ancient practice, where I embraced Ashram-living and learned from great yogi masters. Over the years, I’ve seen how yoga has evolved in the West. In only 12 years, I’ve seen class participation grow from 6 middle aged women to 35+ men and women of all ages; more and more studios are opening. Knowing how much yoga has been a guide, an attitude adjustment and a way of life for me, it fills me with hope to think of the growing number of people who are feeling it too.

My journey with design has taken me from big corporate firms to small family-owned businesses and my own freelance projects. Over the years I’ve worked with and learnt from highly-skilled and talented designers, and I have naturally developed my own style. I started to seek projects that were more aligned with my own interests. My art started to shine through, and soon clients were requesting my style. I predominantly worked with musicians, artists, natural therapists and yogis.

Finally, my love for yoga and design met at a beautiful crossroads.

It just made sense that I would be able to combine my graphic design skills with my love for yoga and meditation. Everything really just clicked and it happened so organically.

Earthed came to me as an idea that grew from one magical synchronicity to the next. I really allowed myself to be open to flow and to trust in each piece of wisdom and magic that brought me to the next piece as it unfolded.

Before my daughter was born I had made a decision that I wanted to show up, be more present for her life and be more present for my partner Jamie.

I started a daily meditation practice, and after 3 months I began to notice a huge shift in my energy and my mentality. The Universe was speaking to me. The idea for Earthed came out of the sky and attached itself to me - and it wouldn’t leave.

I began getting visual downloads of patterns and colours and ideas. I had a sketchbook beside me when I meditated so I could quickly get the ideas down. This project wanted to be born through me. It chose me to do this. At the time, my daughter was only a newborn baby but I had so much energy to keep allowing these designs to flow through me. My mantra was, “just one thing every day.”

I wanted to learn how to create patterns to match bolsters with yoga mats, and so I was questioning how this would be possible. One morning I went out walking with my daughter in the stroller, and all day I was asking, “how do I create repeated patterns?” As I was walking I was drawn to triple digit numbers everywhere - on car number plates, on houses and letterboxes. Then I saw 444, which is symbolic for ‘The angels and ascended masters are sending you messages.’ Suddenly a black cat came out of nowhere and as I ran into it, I pushed my stroller into a side path! I looked down, and there was a business-card on the ground beneath me that said ‘Surface Pattern Designer’. This began a whole new journey into the world of online courses as I learned about this magical art form. Not only that, but it also strengthened my faith and my commitment to bringing this project into the world. There was no doubt in my mind that this project was meant for me and meant to be birthed.